PDC Darts Final




2nd January – PDC Darts Final


This event creates a huge buzz just after New Years Eve, the Darts Championship which takes place in no other than Ally Pally is full of fancy dress! Why not have some fun with your mates, throw some funny costumes on and have a laugh at the Darts?





German Karneval




6th January – German Karneval


Many people haven’t heard of the German Karneval, but little do they know it’s one of the biggest in the world! All over the country everybody lets loose and wears the most extravagant costumes, hats and accessories they can get their hands on…maybe you should give it a try.






Burns Night




25th January – Burns Night


January 25th marks the annual celebration of the late poet and author Robert Burns. The night usually involves whisky, haggis and fancy dress! Everyone grab your tartan and your St Andrews cross, let’s get ready to celebrate this tradition in style!



Australia Day




26th January – Australia Day


G’Day mate! Put on a Kangaroo costume or simply cover your gaff in Australian bunting for this event and you cannot go wrong. Celebrating the day Australia was founded could not be more fun with an inflatable Croc floating in your pool (or bath-tub). Why not head over to our dedicated Australia Day fancy dress page to find out more?